Sydney Molare'
Changing Faces, Changing Places, Sydney Molare’
There’s a murderer loose at Magnolia A & M…
Mane Jackson has it all—the looks, he’s a Heisman Trophy
contender, and has a gorgeous fiancé. But like many people, he
wanted more. In this case the more is the fiancé’s best friend. But
then they both end up dead? And guess who is the number one
suspect? Ride this speeding bullet as Mane attempts to save himself.
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Somewhere In America, Sydney Molare’
 Twenty interconnected stories set around a neighborhood—mine,
yours, all of ours. You have the typical suspects—the teenage mother,
the battered spouse, the preacher “laying hands” on his members. As
well as the unexpected—the man running from his wife’s “good
loving”, the drag queen’s grocery trip gone bad and the mercy killing.
You will see your friends, neighbors, maybe even your spouse. And
don’t worry if you don’t see yourself yet…keep reading, you will.
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Grandmama’s Mojo Still Working, Sydney Molare’
“Anything dead needs to be buried…and ain’t nothing dead on me!”
Meet Madame A, a 75 year old man magnet and heck raiser. In fact,
Madame A is standing quite comfortably in the middle of a love
triangle with two younger men. But her granddaughter, Delphine, is
another story. Del has typical young girl problems—her looks, her
weight and the male species. See how Madame A messages of life
and love change her whole outlook.
Caramel Flava
What should you do when the relationship goes...stale? "Overhaul"
it of course. Keep your sweetie close by because you'll need them...
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Crimes of Passion
What does it really take to set you off? In "The Snow Globe", Sydney
Molare' take on a wife awakening to the infidelity in her marriage, it
was a $2 piece of junk. But the ending? You won't believe it...until
you read it.
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The Heart of Our Community
"Circle of Friends" is a gritty true-to-life tale of easy passion,
friends-nothing more lovers and the consequences.
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Underground Voices: A Collection of Short Stories
In "Possession", Sydney's most controversial piece to date, a
pedophile tells it how it truly is--the setup, the pitch, reeling them in. A
lesson for mothers, fathers and especially daughters.
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Satisfy Me
Give a woman what she wants…give a woman what she needs…and
then, give a woman a little something she never expected. "Her
Wildest Fantasy," Sydney's so-hot-it’ll-scorch-your-fingers-turning-
the-pages novella, the men are smokin’, the women are on fire, and
the satisfaction? Baby, it’s guaranteed…
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Devil's Orchestra
Tab McGrifth - The #1 radio host on the Eastern seaboard. He's lied,
clawed and cheated his way to the top. Yet, people follow his advice at
the drop of a hat... Deva - Hip hop princess extraordinaire. Beautiful,
talented and...slap out of control Ed, her old singing partner, surprises
her with a visit. But it's not a reunion...Juan Rodriguez - Gay and proud
about it! His latest novel is touted as the "New Alternative Lifestyle" bible.
Money, fame...he's on top of the world! Then up jumps Bodie--blond,
beachboy tan...his first lover. A lover that put the w-h-o-r in whore...Three
strangers. Three old friends. Three paths that design.
Devil's Orchestra. Who's side are you really playing for?
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Small Packages, Sydney Molare’
Snap, Crackle, Sizzzzzzzzzzzle! It’s time for the Somebody Hollah!
Bookclub Sleepover. These affairs are usually monthly girlie-girlie get-
togethers where they read a book one night followed by an orgy of
shopping the following day. However, these four women get way more
than they bargained for when on picks up a hot manuscript, Small
Packages. The story of Analisa and Chance has them giving voice to
thoughts, dreams and revelations they’d never uttered before. By the last
word, not only have the club members done plenty of self-analyzing, you
may have found out some…delicious…things about yourself
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